Fearless Zen Honour (FZH) is a contemporary clothing brand that is inspired by the ancient Japanese Kanji (漢字) art form.  


Our unique style pays tribute to ancient practices, in a time when paper was so rare that people stenciled Kanji onto thin rectangular strips of wood.  These would be used as a means of communication and to practice writing.


Our product lines represent some of these beautiful transcripts.  Each one of our items contains Kanji symbols for "Power" (力) and "Sky" / "Heaven" (天).  These act as reminders to illustrate that we always have the power within us to do amazing things, and that there are no limits - just like the ancient Samurai warriors once beleived as part of their Bushido code.  This is also known as 'The way of the Warrior'. 


So whether you are after some unique clothing with a purpose, or you just want to make a statement - this may be the brand for you.   


Our unique FZH emblem also represents our mindset.  This is to:

  • Be Fearless
  • To find your Zen; and
  • To strive for Honour


We offer a collection of active and casual wear that is put together by hand, and created with detail in mind.  But this is just the start of our journey.  Join us and 'Embrace the way of the Warrior'


More unique products dropping soon!